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New York police officer arrested and charged with DWI.

When someone hears that a person was arrested on a DWI or suspicion of a DWI, the image that may come to mind is often different from the reality. Many assume that people who are accused of driving while intoxicated are irresponsible people who do nothing but party. This is not always the case, and one New York police officer may now be able to relate to the stigma of being accused of a DWI.

The police officer, who was off-duty, was recently arrested and charged with a DWI and leaving the scene of an accident. Just minutes before midnight, the police officer allegedly got into a car accident and left the scene. No details have been released yet about the accident, or why it happened.

Suspended driver's license for Thomas Ravenel after DWI charge

The people of New York may believe that celebrities are more likely to get out of a DWI charge or a suspended driver's license rather than an average citizen. Headlines of celebrities getting out of serious legal issues and punishments may even anger some. Although the media may lead people to believe that it is easy for celebrities to get out of a suspended driver's license or other legal issues, it is often not always the reality.

A reality star and previous state treasurer knows all too well that, despite his social status, he still can face punishment. Thomas Ravenel was arrested this past July after being found to be driving under the influence of alcohol after blowing a 0.8 percent blood alcohol content. The misdemeanor charge left the man in jail, after which he was able to be bailed out after paying $650.

Alleged drunk driving stepfather charged after step child died

Although law enforcement personnel in New York constantly campaign to create awareness of the dangers of driving a vehicle while impaired, there are nonetheless daily reports of lives lost as the result of DWI. While adults can choose not to get into a vehicle when the driver is intoxicated, children do not usually have that choice. Unfortunately, the amount number of juvenile injuries and fatalities resulting from drunk driving accidents is a tragic statistic.

A 65-year-old man who was detained after crashing into an electric pole on a recent Sunday morning had his license suspended and is facing aggravated charges of vehicular assault, along with drunk driving while carrying children in the car. However, the accused man received the sad news that one of the three children who were occupants in the car died the next day. The criminal charges may be upgraded. The deceased child, who was 11 years old, reportedly sustained serious lung and head injuries. The other two children were not injured.

David Cassidy's New York DWI charge lowered

Readers of this blog may be aware of how many DWI charges happen daily on New York roadways. In fact, so many happen that a person may receive multiple DWI charges throughout his or her life. When multiple DWI charges occur, the punishment will likely become more severe over time. Punishments for such charges may result in numerous inconveniences, but there may be hope for some looking to avoid the added punishments as a result of multiple DWI charges.

The singer and actor David Cassidy is likely aware of the benefits of avoiding more severe punishments following subsequent DWI charges. Cassidy was recently pulled over and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. At the time of his run-in with the law, authorities took steps to ensure that what would have been a misdemeanor charge without prior convictions became a felony under New York law.

New York fireman on $200,000 bail after alleged DWI

Any New York resident may find it hard to believe that someone who has vowed to protect them could be charged with a DWI. The men and women of New York who put their lives on the line daily do so to protect the people, so it is no wonder why it is unfathomable to hear of such a person being charged with a crime. An off-duty firefighter has just been charged with a DWI after he allegedly hit two women with his vehicle.

The two women were said to have been walking through a crosswalk at the time of the accident. One of the women was pregnant and just two months from her child's expected delivery. Police claim that the firefighter bumped the women with his vehicle as they were attempting to cross the street. It is unknown why the firefighter did not see the women.

New York mother looking for her kids refused a Breathalyzer test

Many New York parents may have faced the quick scare of losing a child for a split second. Children can run off in an instant, no matter how attentive the parents are. Thankfully, many of the children are found after just a short time of parents searching. One mother, however, has found herself in legal trouble after allegedly searching for her children. The end result was a DWI charge after she allegedly refused a Breathalyzer test.

The New York mother allegedly went searching for her children after she was unable to locate them. She assumed they were at the public library and went there to attempt to retrieve her children. Not long after her arrival to the library, someone called the authorities, and things began to go from bad to worse.

New York woman arrested for driving while intoxicated

The news is often blotted with faces of drunk driving victims who lost loved ones in tragic accidents. However, the arrest of individuals who were driving while intoxicated are not always the result of an accident, sometimes they happen without injury to anyone. In New York, regardless of the details involved, a drunk driving charge can hinder cause more than a blot on someone's life -- both professionally and personally.

In Boston, police were called to a local library, to assist a woman's search for her children. Reports indicate that the woman was unable to locate her children at home that afternoon. She drove to the library in hopes that she might find them there. When authorities arrived, the woman had already left the library. As she did so, she allegedly struck the building with her vehicle.

DWI felony charges leveled against New York woman

When a New York citizen is charged and convicted of a DWI, they may often face judgment from others. Committing the act of driving under the influence can cause people to have a negative perception of the person because it may mean they used bad judgment that could have been potentially dangerous to others. In addition to the negative stereotypes one may face, if another similar incident happens, more serious legal repercussions could be the result. A New York woman knows all too well what can follow a previous DWI conviction.

The woman allegedly played a role in a three-car accident on a New York roadway. According to police reports, the woman allegedly crashed into another person's vehicle from behind. As a result of that accident, a chain reaction occurred and caused the person she hit to crash into the vehicle in front of them.

2 New York men refused a Breathalyzer test, licenses revoked

Many different circumstances can happen in the state of New York when one is accused of driving under the influence, but what happens if someone refused a Breathalyzer test? If a standard field sobriety test is given and the person fails it, a Breathalyzer is typically used to determine whether or not the person was driving intoxicated. In addition to a breath test, a blood test may be given to determine sobriety. If these tests are failed by the accused, there are different penalties one will likely encounter -- depending on the severity of intoxication. Of all the possible scenarios, citizens may find that the harshest outcome may follow someone who refused a Breathalyzer test entirely.

Two New York drivers know exactly what can happen when a breath test is refused, and the outcome was not good for them. As it turns out, even if you are not proven to be intoxicated, if someone does not agree to a Breathalyzer test they may still face harsh penalties. Not only will one have the possibility of fines or jail time, refusing a Breathalyzer means automatic driver's license revocation.

New York police officer faces DWI charges

Many residents of New York can get a DWI and have no negative repercussions from an employer. Depending on what type of job one does, it can almost be non-existent in an employer's eyes. Although many may be able to continue their normal working lives, others can face serious repercussions from their employers. An off duty police officer has just been arrested and charged with DWI and he knows all too well the negative repercussions that may follow.

The New York police officer, who was said to have been off duty at the time, allegedly crashed into another vehicle. This crash could prove to be a very bad problem for the police officer. Although no injuries were suffered in the accident, the police officer still faces serious legal repercussions.

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