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New York man refused a Breathalyzer test at police department

When a person is accused of a DWI, the effects it can have on other aspects of his or her life may not be well-known. In addition to possible jail time or hefty fines, the defendant may have trouble securing eventual employment. The future of one New York man remains uncertain,after he was recently arrested for a DWI. The police say that he refused a Breathalyzer test.

Authorities report that the man in this story arrived at a police station to pick up another person who was being released from custody. The charge that the other person was accused of is unrelated to this incident. When police were interviewing the man, they grew suspicious that he might be intoxicated. They claim that he smelled of alcohol and was displaying other physical signs of inebriation.

DWI charges in New York for man with revoked driver's license

When drivers are accused of driving while intoxicated, that charge alone is enough to dramatically alter their lives. If it is coupled with other factors, such as a previous conviction or a revoked driver's license, it can be even more problematic. People in that category might face even harsher punishments if convicted. An out-of-state man was recently charged with a DWI here in New York, and authorities say his personal circumstances could mean that he will see repercussions throughout his life.

According to authorities, the man in this case was driving on an interstate very late at night. He was allegedly traveling in the wrong direction, but police did not report any injuries or accidents from the incident. Police arrested the man and charged him with felony DWI, due to a prior conviction. He faces additional charges relating to the absence of an interlock device that might have prevented the car from being started, reckless driving and driving with a revoked license.

New York man charged with second DWI in 10 years

The recent Fourth of July holiday was a time for many families to get together and celebrate. As is the case with many celebrations, there are those individuals who likely consumed alcohol as part of the festivities. During the entire weekend, state and local police in New York were on patrol and watching for signs of suspected impaired driving. One man was arrested and charged with a DWI on the holiday after he allegedly crashed his vehicle.

The accident happened late at night on the Fourth. The driver apparently crashed his vehicle after -- as state police allege -- consuming alcohol. He submitted to a breath test, which measured his blood alcohol content to be over the legal limit. Because the man had apparently been convicted of DWI on a prior occasion within the preceding 10 years, the charge was raised to a felony.

New York teen faces accusations of drunk driving after crash

When drivers in New York are accused of driving while intoxicated, most of the time they have the legal right to consume alcohol in the right circumstances. For drivers under the age of 21, if they are caught operating a vehicle while intoxicated, they not only have to contend with a accusations of DWI but also with potential charges of underage drinking. One local teen is facing this exact dilemma after police say she was caught drunk driving.

The teen was arrested after apparently crashing her vehicle into a guardrail very late at night on an expressway. When police arrived on the scene, they say she told them she was heading to pick up her mom at an undisclosed location. They allege that she showed physical signs of intoxication and smelled as though she’d consumed alcohol. According to the officers, she stated she’d consumed one beer.

New York cite illegal blood alcohol content as factor in crash

Drunk driving charges can result in drastic changes in a person's life. If the person is convicted, he or she may be incarcerated or have to pay heavy fines, in addition to other potential punishment. A New York man stands accused of causing a serious traffic accident, and police say they have reason to believe that he was intoxicated at the time of the crash due to his measured blood alcohol content.

The event occurred in the early evening on a recent weekend when a man driving an SUV allegedly struck a motorcycle carrying two people. Both the driver of the bike and his passenger -- a man and woman, respectively -- had to be rushed by airlift to a nearby hospital for treatment. The driver of the SUV was uninjured. The police claim that his blood alcohol content was well above the legal limit, though they have not disclosed how they arrived at that conclusion.

Man accused of DWI driving with child in vehicle

Charges related to drunk driving are serious enough on their own. Those who are accused of the crime can see their lives change in an instant, potentially affecting both their personal and professional spheres. When the possibility exists that an intoxicated driver might have endangered someone else’s life, the severity and amount of charges related to the incident can increase, meaning the possibility of a harsher punishment is higher. A New York man is now facing multiple charges relating to his DWI arrest that involved two passengers, one of whom was a child.

Local authorities say the incident occurred on a recent afternoon. The man in this case was stopped after an officer observed his driving behavior, who said the driver failed to maintain the lane he was in. The policeman suspected the driver was intoxicated, though there is no word on exactly how the officer arrived at that conclusion.

New York fatal accident leads to drunk driving charge

Fatal accidents can often result in one or more parties facing serious charges depending on the circumstances of the event. If the driver considered responsible for the accident has consumed alcohol beforehand, that individual could face a drunk driving charge and other serious allegations. Luckily, that individual will also have the ability to determine how they may wish to go about handling the legal situation that they now face.

A New York man may be exploring his legal options after he was involved in a similar situation. Reports indicated that the man was allegedly driving north when his vehicle collided with another vehicle that was traveling west. The accident reportedly took place before 4 a.m., and the driver of the second vehicle was purportedly on her way to work at the time of the accident.

New York man charged with DWI, may lose CDL

Semi-trucks are an everyday part of modern life. They are useful for moving goods into, outside of and all around the state of New York. Those who drive commercial vehicles are required to hold a valid commercial driver’s license, or CDL. If a driver is charged with driving while intoxicated, he or she risks losing that license. This may be the fate of one man who was recently charged with a DWI while operating a commercial vehicle.

The incident occurred on an interstate when the man was driving a tractor-trailer. Authorities say that the driver swerved off the highway and crashed on the side of the road. Police arrived on the scene and determined that there was reason to believe that the driver was impaired. He was transported to a nearby police station and administered a test to determine his blood alcohol level. He was determined to be over the legal limit for driving a commercial vehicle and police decided to press charges.

Police officer refused a Breathalyzer test in New York

Though police officers are the individuals expected to uphold the law, they can also have lapses in judgment. As a result, an officer could find himself facing charges for DWI if he is suspected of having been drinking and driving. If the individual also refused a Breathalyzer test, he could potentially face other consequences as well.

An officer in New York has recently found himself in a similar situation. According to reports, authorities responded to an accident at around 6 p.m. A 53-year-old homicide detective was allegedly one of the drivers involved in the accident. It was not noted what caused the responding officers to suspect that the detective was under the influence at the time of the incident.

New York detective accused of drunk driving

Impaired driving is not an uncommon crime here in New York. The punishments associated with this infraction include fines, jail time and revocation or suspension of a driver's license. This means that anyone who is falsely accused of drunk driving may face some serious consequences that are undeserved. That may be the case for a local detective charged with driving drunk who proclaimed that he was innocent.

The detective acknowledges that while driving through Brooklyn a few years ago, he fell asleep at a stop light. A group of police officers found him and woke him shortly thereafter. The detective claims that he passed sobriety tests and had no trouble communicating with the officers. No blood samples were taken nor were any Breathalyzer tests administered.

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