2 men charged with DWI in odd New York accident

It seems to be human nature to want to watch another person's misfortune. For example, many people have encountered traffic congestion around a car accident -- congestion caused solely by people slowing to look at the damaged vehicles. Likewise, a police officer who has pulled over a vehicle is a powerful attraction that might be enough of a distraction in itself to cause an accident. In a similar situation in New York, one man is accused of DWI after striking the car of another man who had been pulled over by the authorities on suspicion of drunk driving,

The incident happened one night just before midnight in November. Police report that an officer pulled over a 43-year-old man. While it is unclear why the men was initially stopped, police claim that he acted inebriated. A field sobriety test was administered, which he reportedly failed.

As a result, the officer called a tow truck to remove the man's car. As they waited, they were allegedly struck by a vehicle driven by a 31-year-old man. Police say he was also intoxicated. The officer and the first man suffered minor injuries in the collision and were treated at a hospital. Both men are accused of DWI.

As a result of the DWI charges the two men face in New York, they will both have to make some important decisions. An experienced attorney can help them decide the best course of action for their specific situation and help them pursue it. For example, the men could decide to fight in court to defend against the charges or negotiate lesser charges and/or sentencing concessions in a plea deal. Regardless of their ultimate choice, the decisions they must make will have a significant impact on their life, requiring guidance from those with knowledge of their options as well as their potential outcomes.

Source: syracuse.com, "Drunk driver strikes another drunk driver, police car pulled over on Thruway for arrest, troopers say", Julie McMahon, Nov. 10, 2014