New York accident leads to drunk driving charge

When telling a story, some people fall into a trap. Instead of simply telling the facts, they like to add commentary to the facts that is likely based on one person's interpretation of events. If the same events were told by a different person, it is likely that he or she would interpret the events differently. This is one reason why New York criminal courts require a high burden of proof in order to obtain a conviction. After a recent car accident resulted in a drunk driving charge, prosecutors will likely need to ensure they have sufficient evidence to prove the accused man's guilt.

The charges stem from an accident that occurred in the early morning hours of a day in October. Unfortunately, it is often assumed that many people who are involved in an accident at that time are under the influence. Police claim that the 25-year-old driver struck six cars that were parked on a New York street. One of those cars was flipped onto the sidewalk.

Although police claim the man revved his engine in an attempt to flee the scene, it is unclear how they determined the intent behind the man's alleged actions. He was arrested for drunk driving soon afterward with police citing his breath and blood shot eyes. In addition to the drunk driving charges, he has also been charged with refusing to submit to a breath test.

While drunk driving is dangerous and has potentially serious consequences, unfounded accusations can also have serious consequences. Because New York prosecutors will have to prove that he is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, more evidence beyond a person's subjective interpretation of events may be necessary to meet this standard. As in all criminal cases, the accused is presumed not guilty until -- and only if -- it is proven otherwise.

Source:, "Alleged Drunk Driver Crashes, Flips Parked Car Onto Sunnyside Sidewalk", Stephen Miller, Oct. 22, 2014