What Can You Expect at the Department of Motor Vehicles Traffic Violations Bureau?

This agency is a bureaucracy at its finest. You will need a skilled attorney to help you maneuver through the system. New York State traffic court attorney Karen Friedman has spent more than 25 years saving motorists' driver's licenses. She has defended people of every walk of life...doctors, lawyers, truck drivers. If you would like assistance in fighting your ticket, contact Ms. Friedman at 212-213-2145. In addition, you may send her an email by completing this online form.

In New York City, there is no plea bargaining at the Traffic Violations Bureau. There is no prosecutor or town attorney, and the police officers are not permitted to discuss your case with you. This means that a speeding ticket will not be reduced to a traffic device or a parking ticket. You either plead guilty or try your case in what can be a hectic and intimidating environment for anyone inexperienced in courtroom procedure. In addition, the judge's decision is more likely to be guilty if you do not retain an attorney to represent you.

Should you follow the instructions on the yellow ticket and mail the summons back to the Department of Motor Vehicles?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! No benefit is accrued by mailing your most important piece of evidence to the Department of Motor Vehicles.

It is important to retain the original summons. Sometimes officers make errors on the original ticket that is given to the motorist. Then realizing their errors, they make changes on the copy which is submitted to the Department of Motor Vehicles. If you do not have the original, the administrative law judge hearing your case may believe you made the changes.

The most frequent error made by police officers involves the location of the infraction. For example, the summons you received may indicate that you were driving westbound on 34 th Street. In court, the officer may testify that you were driving eastbound on 34 th Street. If the case is properly handled, it should be dismissed.

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