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Poughkeepsie Permit Violations Attorney

Handling Driver Permit Violations Throughout New York

Truck companies are required to comply with permit and registration rules, whether the company owns a large fleet or a single truck. In order to carry hazardous materials, truck companies need tax stamps, highway use stamps and special permits. Trucking violations can lead to significant fines and interruption to the business.

If your trucking company is charged with a traffic violation, obtain legal help. For more than 25 years, Karen Friedman has represented trucking companies throughout New York City and New York State in matters related to permit and regulatory violations. She knows that if the truck is not on the road, it is not making money for the company.

Representing Truck Companies Charged with Truck Permit Violations

If you or your company has received a summons, contact Karen Friedman at her Manhattan law office. She handles a broad range of truck permit charges, including:

  • Hazardous materials citations
  • Trucking registration violations
  • Tax stamp violations
  • Highway Usage Permits (HUT permits)
  • Hauling permits
  • Bridge Authority or Thruway permits
  • Violations related to escorts, flags, or speed restrictions
  • International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) violations

Karen Friedman also represents trucker drivers, motor carriers and companies charged with other violations, such as driving without insurance. In New York State, a conviction for driving without insurance carries a one-year mandatory revocation of your commercial driver's license (CDL). Loss of license could be a devastating blow to your income and your business. Karen Friedman is committed to helping you continue driving, so you can maintain your business.

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Charged with a permit violation or accused of driving with a suspended license? Contact Manhattan lawyer Karen Friedman at 212-213-2145 for representation throughout New York State.

Although she likes to work closely with clients, it is not usually necessary to come into her law office. Often, just a copy of your commercial driver's license, your contact information, the summons, and a retainer are all that's necessary for her to begin representation.

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