March 2013 Archives

NY budget sets new surcharges on common speeding ticket plea deals

Governor Cuomo's so-called "fast tax" -- new surcharges imposed on people who plead their speeding tickets down to lesser charges -- appears to be set in the state budget. The budget proposal would set a new, $25 state surcharge on people who plead their speeding tickets down to a common lesser charge called "parking on pavement." It would also increase a similar surcharge for people who plea bargain speeding tickets down to "failure to obey a traffic device" from $80 to $88. Both state surcharges would be added on top of any local fines.

NYPD policy: use traffic warrants to prod domestic assault victims

On March 5, the NYPD's chief of detectives initiated a new policy for investigators to use when responding to domestic violence calls. Recently revealed to the public, the policy requires officers to run a criminal background check, including a check for warrants on traffic violations, on both the suspect and the alleged victim -- and to arrest the victim if any warrants come up.

Cameras may be placed in Staten Island to monitor speed

City Council members and transportation officials in the New York area have proposed a bill to allow traffic cameras to be used at various intersections on Staten Island. The plan is to place 20 to 40 separate cameras across the city.

Suspect in deadly hit and run turns himself in for multiple charges

The man accused of the tragic hit-and-run accident that killed a Hasidic couple and ultimately their newborn child on March 3 has turned himself in to face unspecified charges. According to reports, this was the man convicted of manslaughter in the 1987 shooting death of Kelvin "50 Cent" Martin. The prosecutor says he has prior convictions for a firearm offense and a parole violation. He was also apparently charged with DWI just two weeks before the alleged hit and run.

Mount Marion man still driving after 25 suspensions or revocations

A couple of weeks ago, a 53-year-old man from Mount Marion, near New Paltz, was discovered driving on a suspended or revoked license even after he had received a total of 25 driver's license suspensions and revocations. The latest suspension was apparently due to an insurance lapse.

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