Prom night arrest could affect CDL

A commercial driver's license is required for bus drivers who carry passengers in New York. Those with a CDL are required to follow much stricter standards than the typical driver. Even lesser traffic offenses can have an impact on the status of a CDL, including license suspension. So when drunk driving accusations are made against a person with a CDL license, they should be taken seriously.

In cases that involve accusations of drunk driving while carrying children, officials are quick to seek maximum penalties. A DUI defense attorney is someone who can help ensure that no one jumps to conclusions when investigating an incident like the one that occurred earlier this month involving a bus driver carrying students to prom.

The incident occurred in Chicago, but it is a good example of circumstantial evidence. In this incident, students reported a bus driver to local authorities after they suspected that he had consumed alcohol before picking them up. 

No accidents or injuries were involved in the incident and the report did not mention any breath or blood tests confirming the existence of alcohol in the driver's system. What was reported was that the students said that the driver was late to pick them up, that the bus swerved across the center lane throughout the trip and that the driver accidentally went to the wrong hotel. 

Sure, conclusions can be drawn that the driver was intoxicated. Is there another explanation for the behavior? The driver reported that the wheels on the bus were out of alignment at the time. This can make it difficult to control, causing it to swerve. Traffic can slow an arrival time. As for the wrong hotel; have you ever gotten lost or been given incorrect information? 

We cannot guess as to whether or not alcohol was involved in this case, but it is a reminder that arrest does not equal conviction. Those who are accused of drunk driving should seek the assistance of an attorney immediately. 

Source: New York Daily News, "Prom night terror: Party bus driver charged with DUI while shuttling 23 teens to prom," Philip Caulfield, May 13, 2013

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