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New York man faces DWI charges after accident that injured 6

When an initial report of a DWI arrest is released, it can be easy for individuals to presume the individual is guilty of the crime before even making an initial appearance in court. When an accident is involved where others are injured, this presumption can be strengthened. However, it is important not to rush to judgment on cases that have yet to have been proven in a New York court, as cases do arise where the evidence that goes to support the DWI charge, is not as strong as originally thought.

New York City police officer facing drunk driving charges

When an individual is accused of drinking and driving, there is always a great deal at stake. Often, it is the loss of one's driving privilege that dominates their concerns. However, for some individuals, the losses could be far greater. Such is the case for a New York City police officer who stands charged with multiple offenses, including drunk driving.

New Jersey could soon be cracking down on repeat DWI offenses

Here in New York, we have some of the toughest drunk driving laws in the nation. In New Jersey, however, while the penalties for DUI, as it's called in that state, work a bit differently. It's not that the consequences for DWI aren't as harsh as they are here -- it's that DWI is always considered a traffic violation.

Arrested for DWI? Here's what a conviction could cost financially

A Florida traffic violations defense lawyer from recently estimated that a drunk driving conviction in that state typically costs the driver some $15,000 in initial costs and fines, car insurance increases, driver's license reinstatement fees, DWI classes, attorney's fees and other costs such as the installation and monthly subscription cost for an ignition interlock device. An online car insurance aggregator found similar results, estimating the nationwide average financial cost of a DWI conviction at $10,000.

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