New York man faces DWI charges after accident that injured 6

When an initial report of a DWI arrest is released, it can be easy for individuals to presume the individual is guilty of the crime before even making an initial appearance in court. When an accident is involved where others are injured, this presumption can be strengthened. However, it is important not to rush to judgment on cases that have yet to have been proven in a New York court, as cases do arise where the evidence that goes to support the DWI charge, is not as strong as originally thought.

In a recent case, a man was arrested at a New York hospital after he was involved in a car accident that injured six people. The 31-year-old man is alleged to have been racing another vehicle at a high rate of speed when he lost control of his car. Witnesses stated that the car traveled onto the sidewalk and crashed into a flower shop.

The man refused to take a breathalyzer after he was arrested. He has not made his initial appearance in court and it is unclear when he will do so. The specific charges the man will face have also not been released.

Although it may appear that the allegations set forth against this man are supported by the evidence described, none of these allegations have been proven. Only through the presentation of reliable and relevant evidence can the state prove the DWI charges. If the evidence needed to convict is not presented, the man, as is the case with all New York citizens charged with a crime, will be entitled to having the charges against him dismissed.

Source: New York Daily News, "East Village flower shop worker sedated after DWI driver's sidewalk smashup," Barry Paddock, Thomas Tracy and Larry McShane, June 20, 2013

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