July 2013 Archives

New York man charged with drunk driving after crashes

New York roadways are often busy and can be difficult to travel. One man though, who reportedly caused a few collisions has been charged with drunk driving. The charges came as a result of a rescue worker allegedly witnessing the driver almost hitting his vehicle. This man has not been found to be responsible for any accidents at this time.

New York July 4th ends in drunk driving charge for 2

Most July Fourth celebrations in our nation include fireworks, parties, friends and alcoholic beverages. One problem that alcohol can cause after such celebrations is the danger of drinking and then driving, which can then lead to a drunk driving charge. For two separate drivers in New York, their holiday weekend evenings ended in similar fashion; charges of driving while impaired as well as other alleged violations. Of course, it is important to remember that not everyone who is charged is guilty of the allegation.

New York applying brakes with tighter traffic violations

The governor of New York has decided that some laws concerning driving needed to be adjusted. As a result, he has signed bills that are increasing the penalties for traffic violations especially those related to cell phones and texting. The updated laws call for much harsher punishments in the form of steeper fines and points given per citation. This news was probably not well received by the drivers it is meant to target -- the younger driver.

New York Breathalyzer test refusal charged against politician

A town councilman in upstate New York has been arrested on driving while intoxicated allegations. The traffic stop and the events that followed raise some important legal issues regard DWI charges in general, and a Breathalyzer test refusal in particular. The man, a 45-year-old Saranac Lake resident, was arraigned on several criminal charges related to DWI, including a separate criminal charge for having refused a Breathalyzer test.

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