Drunk driving charge may melt New York man

One of the first sounds that can be heard as soon as the warm weather arrives is the sound of the ice cream truck. One such truck has disappeared and the driver has been charged with drunk driving. This New York man has also lost his job over the incident and the drunk driving charge.

The man that has been charged was on duty when he was alleged to have cut off a policeman's car which reportedly led to the officer being forced off of the roadway. The officer pulled the driver over and conducted a breath test which was reported to have recorded the man's blood alcohol level to be close to double the legal limit. The driver was issued a citation for drunk driving and he is expected to show up for further legal proceedings in his case.

This man is not only facing the charge of being intoxicated while driving but he has also been fired from his job. He was driving the ice cream truck when he was alleged to have been drunk. The employer reports that the truck was not returned after the incident.

This man is facing a serious drunk driving charge. He is also alleged to have been working while he was driving impaired and that could possibly impact his future job opportunities. New York does have laws in place that will allow for this man to seek out information and resources that can help him find the best possible resolution for these charges that have been filed against him

Source: cnycentral.com, "Mr. Ding-a-ling driver out on ice after DWI arrest while driving ice cream truck," Jeremy Ryan, July 10, 2013

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