New York applying brakes with tighter traffic violations

The governor of New York has decided that some laws concerning driving needed to be adjusted. As a result, he has signed bills that are increasing the penalties for traffic violations especially those related to cell phones and texting. The updated laws call for much harsher punishments in the form of steeper fines and points given per citation. This news was probably not well received by the drivers it is meant to target -- the younger driver.

Since the appearance of the cell phone and later, texting technology, the number of moving violations and traffic accidents has been reported to have increased tremendously. Studies conducted concerning these supposedly growing numbers have reportedly revealed that the highest number of citations have been issued to the younger driver. Younger drivers do have a lack of experience which may in part account for this higher number. Also, the younger driver may be tempted to drink and drive, further testing the bounds of their abilities as inexperienced drivers.

Law enforcement is charged with keeping our citizens and roadways safe. There is an undeniable problem with the number of drivers that are trying to operate an automobile and carry out other tasks at the same time. However not all accidents or tickets are the result of phone conversations or texting and driving.

New York is to be commended for taking the safety of its citizens seriously. However, setting out to target only certain traffic violations or a certain demographic may not be a fair application of the law. Further, any driver that is ticketed for any of the targeted violations could possibly face charges of DUI or DWI if they have had any drinks during the course of that day. For drivers who believe they have been issued a citation without just cause, there are laws that help ensure that everyone is treated in a fair and just manner. Ticketed drivers may benefit by seeking knowledgeable counsel to provide advice in these matters.

Source:, "NY increases texting penalty for junior drivers," Michael Virtanen, July 1, 2013

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