New York man charged with drunk driving after crashes

New York roadways are often busy and can be difficult to travel. One man though, who reportedly caused a few collisions has been charged with drunk driving. The charges came as a result of a rescue worker allegedly witnessing the driver almost hitting his vehicle. This man has not been found to be responsible for any accidents at this time.

The man who has been charged was alleged to have been driving at over 65 miles per hour when he collided with a trailer. The man apparently continued along his way and narrowly avoided hitting a vehicle belonging to a local fire chief. The chief claimed to have followed the driver until he pulled into a parking lot of a local store.

The rescue worker then reportedly contacted authorities about the actions of the driver that he witnessed. The man's truck was alleged to have started burning at some point, but it was unclear what may have caused the fire. Police did arrive and reportedly gave the driver a field sobriety breath test. He was then arrested for suspected intoxication.

The man that has been arrested and charged with drunk driving is also alleged to have injured one person. However, no details relating to any injuries have been released. It is important to remember that this driver has not been found guilty as of yet and not everyone who is charged with a crime is convicted. New York does have provisions that would allow this man the opportunity to seek information that could help him to decide on the best possible resolution to these charges.

Source:, "Driver charged after crashing into several vehicles in N. Utica," Sean O'Brien, July 12, 2013

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