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New York: Potential suspended driver's license overlooked?

A New York taxi driver's record is now being carefully scrutinized after a young lady was injured by him. It is now being claimed that he had accumulated enough violations on his record that he should have had a suspended driver's license. The 24-year-old man is reported as having at least four incidences on his record since he had started working for the cab company in 2010.

New York officer accused of drunk driving on Long Island

New York authorities have reported that one of their own has been arrested. The New York City police officer has been charged with drunk driving and various other offenses. The man was not on duty at the time of the alleged incident and he was traveling in his own personal vehicle. He has recently had his first court appearance.

New York woman has 2 charges of drunk driving in a day

New York law enforcement says that a woman was recently stopped for the same offense within hours of one another. She is now facing two charges of drunk driving as a result of two separate incidents. There was no mention if the woman was taken into custody for either charge, nor was it stated if she was released on any type of bail. It is a certainty however, that there will be follow-up legal proceedings in the matter.

New York getting tougher about reckless driving

Surveys have shown that most drivers agree that talking and texting while driving is a dangerous activity. New York agrees with them and they have recently enacted stronger laws to crack down on all reckless driving offenses. In order to be able to catch more drivers that may be breaking the laws, the governor has decided to bring back the use of unmarked police cars. The cars had been declared unlawful in 1996 because of the possible risk of people trying to pull over unsuspecting drivers while pretending to drive an unmarked trooper car.

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