New York officer accused of drunk driving on Long Island

New York authorities have reported that one of their own has been arrested. The New York City police officer has been charged with drunk driving and various other offenses. The man was not on duty at the time of the alleged incident and he was traveling in his own personal vehicle. He has recently had his first court appearance.

The officer in this incident is alleged to have been traveling in the opposing direction against oncoming traffic. He was reportedly heading in an easterly direction in the west traffic lane of a local highway. The officer is also accused of hitting several other cars while he was in the wrong lane.

It has been reported that one individual was transported to a medical center for what was described as not serious injuries. According to police reports, there were three people that received medical care at the site of the collisions. The accused man 48-year-old man is also being charged with driving recklessly and endangering others in addition to the intoxication accusations. When officers were questioned regarding this incident that involved one of their colleagues, they did not wish to respond.

This New York City policeman is facing serious charges. He could lose his job over these allegations. His rights will be protected as he works to defend himself against the drunk driving and other charges, include traffic offenses. He may wish to seek information that might be useful to him as he tries to find the best possible resolution available to him in his current situation.

Source:, "Cops: NYPD officer faces DWI charge after wrong way crashes," Aug. 10, 2013

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