New York: Potential suspended driver's license overlooked?

A New York taxi driver's record is now being carefully scrutinized after a young lady was injured by him. It is now being claimed that he had accumulated enough violations on his record that he should have had a suspended driver's license. The 24-year-old man is reported as having at least four incidences on his record since he had started working for the cab company in 2010.

The first such violation was an accident that caused injury to a passenger. After that, he has apparently had moving violations as well. His employer is now stating that he should have had a temporary hold put on his right to drive this past spring, but somehow, the required consequence was not carried out.

The attention that the driver is currently under is due to a recent accident that has resulted in a tourist to the city having to undergo a surgical removal of a portion of her leg. The driver has stated that he was attempting to avoid a bicyclist when his vehicle went over the curbing and struck the woman. The man is claiming that he was angry at the bike rider, and in his effort to get away from him, he became unable to correctly steer his vehicle.

New York officials are said to still be conducting their investigation. They have not publicly stated if the driver will be facing any criminal charges. If he were to have a suspended driver's license, it will certainly impact his ability to earn a living as a driver for some time. He may seek information that might provide assistance to him regarding the possible consequences for this accident and for the other traffic violations that have accumulated on his record.

Source:, Cab Driver Who Severed Leg Of NYC Tourist Should Have Had License Suspended Months Ago, Pamela Engel, Aug. 22, 2013

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