New York woman has 2 charges of drunk driving in a day

New York law enforcement says that a woman was recently stopped for the same offense within hours of one another. She is now facing two charges of drunk driving as a result of two separate incidents. There was no mention if the woman was taken into custody for either charge, nor was it stated if she was released on any type of bail. It is a certainty however, that there will be follow-up legal proceedings in the matter.

The 43-year-old Buffalo resident was first charged with being intoxicated when an officer is alleged to have observed open alcohol beverage containers in her car. There was no mention of any erratic driving behavior as the woman drove into a store parking lot. The officer apparently was able to see the open containers when the woman was exiting her vehicle, presumably to enter the store.

The second offense is said to have occurred nearly five hours later in the same town. An officer stopped the woman while she was driving, reportedly because her rear vehicle lights were not working. That incident occurred at approximately 1:30 a.m. on a Thursday. There was no further information provided concerning this stop.

This driver has had two arrests and charges of drunk driving within the span of just a few hours. Understandably, these are serious charges and the driver could face fines, jail time, points and possibly a suspension of her driving privileges. New York laws will ensure that her rights are protected while she determines how best to defend herself against these charges. This woman may benefit from seeking information concerning her options about finding the best possible resolution for the situation that she has now found herself in.

Source: Source:, "Western New York woman charged with drunk driving twice within five hours," July 29, 2013

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