September 2013 Archives

New York teen charged with drunk driving

Teenage drivers are often accused of having poor driving habits. While it is true that some young drivers have not yet matured in their decision making, many such drivers will be skilled drivers after a few years. However, one New York young man has reportedly been guilty of more than just inexperience as he is facing drunk driving charges as well as other traffic violations.

New York driver issued multiple traffic violations after accident

Workers whose jobs require them to be exposed to traffic frequently find themselves in dangerous situations. One such worker was recently hit by a New York driver who subsequently was charged with multiple traffic violations. The man was injured and the problems may just be beginning for the young woman whom is deemed responsible for causing him harm.

YouTube video leads to reckless driving charges for New York man

A video that went viral on YouTube recently interested New York City police very much and resulted in an arrest and seizure of a 2006 BMW. The driver in the video is allegedly shown speeding around a Manhattan loop of 26.4 miles in approximately 24 minutes. Police began investigating the incident after the video went viral, and they recently arrested the 30-year-old driver on charges of reckless driving.

New York: Man driving while intoxicated in stolen truck?

New York police were recently alerted by another motorist that a commercial truck was traveling recklessly on a state road. When law enforcement officials were finally able to stop the driver, he was charged with driving while intoxicated, along with several other offenses. The 22-year-old man was reportedly attempting to elude police while driving a stolen commercial vehicle.

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