New York driver issued multiple traffic violations after accident

Workers whose jobs require them to be exposed to traffic frequently find themselves in dangerous situations. One such worker was recently hit by a New York driver who subsequently was charged with multiple traffic violations. The man was injured and the problems may just be beginning for the young woman whom is deemed responsible for causing him harm.

The accident occurred on a recent Friday evening when the man, who operates a towing service, was responding to a call for a broken down vehicle. As the 69-year-old victim was attempting to remove the car from the side of the roadway, the woman driver came upon the scene. She reportedly attempted to move over into another lane, but she appeared to have lost control of her car for unknown reasons.

The operator of the tow vehicle was injured when the woman's car wound up hitting the rear end of the tow truck. The man received injuries to his lower leg and his head. He was transported to a local medical facility for treatment. Authorities have not released any statements concerning his current condition. The woman has been ticketed for numerous violations.

This New York driver has been accused of having committed multiple traffic violations, including not moving to a far travel lane in order to protect the safety of workers. It is not known at this time if she may have any additional charges filed against her. However, she will be given the opportunity to provide the best defense possible in her situation. If she is found guilty of the ticketed offenses, it could impact her ability to operate a motor vehicle for sometime as well as cost her considerable monetary expense in the form of fines and court costs.

Source:, Tow-truck operator struck on Route 5 in New Hartford, No author, Sept. 13, 2013

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