New York teen charged with drunk driving

Teenage drivers are often accused of having poor driving habits. While it is true that some young drivers have not yet matured in their decision making, many such drivers will be skilled drivers after a few years. However, one New York young man has reportedly been guilty of more than just inexperience as he is facing drunk driving charges as well as other traffic violations.

Police have reportedly charged the 18-year-old driver with several serious offenses. They have stated that the driver was exceeding speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. He is also accused of being under the influence of alcohol while operating a vehicle.

The teen was caught speeding in a New York town on a Saturday night. Police have also charged the man with several other traffic offenses in addition to intoxicated driving and speeding. He is scheduled for a court appearance at some point in the near future.

This barely adult driver is facing several serious charges. The excessive speeding charge in conjunction with the drunk driving charge may carry a heavy penalty in the form of possible temporary suspension of his driving privileges as well as fines and other potential punishments. New York laws will ensure that this man will have the opportunity to present a defense against the charges that he is currently facing. He may also seek information regarding any favorable options open to him that may enable him to find the best possible outcome for his situation in light of the charges that have been formally filed against him.

Source:, Ontario teen accused drunk driving 100 mph, No author, Sept. 17, 2013

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