YouTube video leads to reckless driving charges for New York man

A video that went viral on YouTube recently interested New York City police very much and resulted in an arrest and seizure of a 2006 BMW. The driver in the video is allegedly shown speeding around a Manhattan loop of 26.4 miles in approximately 24 minutes. Police began investigating the incident after the video went viral, and they recently arrested the 30-year-old driver on charges of reckless driving.

In the YouTube video, the driver was not identifiable; however, he allegedly posted the video himself and boasted about breaking the unofficial record for that loop. During their investigation, police reportedly planned to examine license plate readers that were located around the route taken by the accused. However, it is unclear how much this information factored into the investigation.

The accused appeared recently in court, where he did not enter a plea. However, the criminal complaint states that he claims never to have exceeded 100 miles per hour during the drive. In addition, he purportedly admitted to running one red light. The video shows the accused's BMW stopping at six red lights. A Manhattan judge set his bail at $5,000 cash or $10,000 bond.

While the driver in this case achieved some online notoriety for this video, that fame may not serve him well in real life. The video may now be used against him in a New York courtroom. In order to fight the reckless driving charges, he would do well to seek the assistance of a legal team that can examine all aspects of the police investigation and evidence in order to prepare the best defense strategy.

Source: Associated Press, Christopher Adam Tang Identified By NYPD As Driver In 24-Minute, Manhattan Lap Video, No author, Sept. 6, 2013

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