October 2013 Archives

Man who refused a Breathalyzer test arrested for aggravated DWI

Numerous traffic and drunk driving arrests were made during the weekend of Oct. 18 through Oct. 20 in the Hamptons and nearby towns. Some of the arrests were made by the Southampton Town Police and some by the New York State Police. In one case, a 35-year-old male of Riverhead was arrested in Riverside on Oct. 20 on a felony drunk driving charge. Not only was he driving without a driver's license but he also refused a Breathalyzer test, according to police.

Convicton made it to New York court of appeals for DWI murder

A man who was convicted for murder in a drunk driving crash has filed an appeal for the second time. He was originally convicted in New York of second-degree murder from a DWI crash back in 2006. The accident killed two people, including a 7-year-old girl.

New York cop faces DWI charge after fatal pedestrian accident

Police officers are typically expected to uphold a higher standard than most when it comes to following the law. When a police officer is accused of not upholding that standard, he or she may face serious personal and professional repercussions, in addition to the criminal consequences. This is currently the case with one New York police officer, who has been charged with DWI after allegedly striking a pedestrian while intoxicated, fatally wounding him.

New York motorcyle ride ends with multiple traffic violations

A decision to take a motorcycle ride in New York recently did not end as the rider most likely would have preferred. Instead, he wound up being arrested and charged with multiple traffic violations as well as additional charges. After he reportedly tried to run from police, he was apprehended. He is currently in custody awaiting further proceedings in his case.

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