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Celebrities are not exempt from DWI charges

New York police likely make dozens of arrests weekly due to DWI. It doesn't matter who or where you are, nobody is exempt from these suspicions and unfortunate arrests. The recent arrest of actor Anthony Mackie in New York proves that even the famous are subject to these charges. Regardless of the profession one is in, a DWI can do some serious damage to one's career. The best way to manage an arrest or charges for a DWI is to be fully aware of the laws surrounding DWI in the state the charges were pressed.

New York mayor subject to DWI charge

It is likely every New York mayor's worst nightmare to be charged with a DWI. Having a criminal record of any kind can clearly cause issues around re-election time, but especially the charge of a DWI. One mayor is likely going through such duress after he was arrested on suspicion of DWI in addition to other crimes recently.

New York man arrested for DWI: .16 percent BAC

It is of no surprise that New York drivers who are charged with a DWI can have serious negative consequences as a result. It is common knowledge that a DWI can change your life and have people judge you based off of something that may or may not even be true. After recent speculation of wrongful criminal charges for DWI due to faulty machines, a man has been arrested for just this -- blowing a number over the legal driving limit for alcohol consumption.

New York judge questions breathalyzers: wrongful DWI convictions

Residents of New York are often arrested for driving drunk. When a man or woman faces a charge of driving while intoxicated, their livelihood can be ruined. For many people facing a DWI charge, their license could be suspended or revoked, their job could be lost, and they could permanently retain a DWI charge on their record. Most people are convicted of a DWI charge as a result of a breathalyzer test that confirms their intoxication. A New York judge is now suggesting that many accused parties could have been wrongfully charged due to faulty breathalyzers used.

3 truck drivers lose CDL privileges for high risk driving

In order to operate a commercial truck in interstate commerce a driver must obtain a commercial driver's license (CDL). The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is the agency that has authority to terminate a CDL when a driver in New York or other states poses an imminent risk to public safety. Recently, the FMCSA declared three truck drivers to be hazards to public safety, revoking their CDL's and terminating their interstate privileges.

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