Celebrities are not exempt from DWI charges

New York police likely make dozens of arrests weekly due to DWI. It doesn't matter who or where you are, nobody is exempt from these suspicions and unfortunate arrests. The recent arrest of actor Anthony Mackie in New York proves that even the famous are subject to these charges. Regardless of the profession one is in, a DWI can do some serious damage to one's career. The best way to manage an arrest or charges for a DWI is to be fully aware of the laws surrounding DWI in the state the charges were pressed.

DWI charges can range anywhere from a misdemeanor to a felony, depending on the apparent level of intoxication. Although there are different levels of the crime, both misdemeanor and felony can clearly be damaging to someone's personal life and professional career. In Mackie's case, he was charged with misdemeanor counts of DWI.

It is unknown how the arrest was made, or the circumstances surrounding it. Police do say that Mackie was showing signs of intoxication, in addition to smelling like alcohol. He claimed to have only consumed one beer prior to the police speaking to him concerning his apparent intoxication. The report continues to state that Mackie apparently did not want to take a breathalyzer test to confirm or deny the alleged intoxication.

Though the only apparent evidence the police had of the suspicion of intoxication was the alcohol smell coming from Mackie, he was still arrested for DWI. Considering the circumstances surrounding the incident, it is likely that he may want to dispute these claims in a New York courtroom. If he is in fact convicted of DWI, knowledge of the laws surrounding cases like this would be a beneficial place to start. After a conviction -- if there is one -- there is always an opportunity to gather new evidence in order to appeal one's case.

Source: Huffington Post, Anthony Mackie charged with drunken driving in New York City, No Author, Nov. 12, 2013

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