New York man arrested for DWI: .16 percent BAC

It is of no surprise that New York drivers who are charged with a DWI can have serious negative consequences as a result. It is common knowledge that a DWI can change your life and have people judge you based off of something that may or may not even be true. After recent speculation of wrongful criminal charges for DWI due to faulty machines, a man has been arrested for just this -- blowing a number over the legal driving limit for alcohol consumption.

The 38-year-old man was apparently moving from his lane to a different lane unsafely, according to the State Troopers. The State Troopers pulled over the man to see why the man was swerving, as they suspected he may have been impaired. The man willingly submitted to a breathalyzer and reports claimed he blew at a .16 percent, which is considered twice the legal limit in the state of New York.

He was then arrested and charged with a DWI. He is due to appear in court for this charge in a few days, and he is probably wondering what will come of this. He could have his license suspended or revoked as well as job loss, depending on his field of work.

After the issues going on with faulty breathalyzers, he may be wondering if he has been a victim of these machines failing as well. He does not have to stand quiet for this DWI charge, if he feels he was wrongfully charged. He has legal options and may benefit from knowing that he can mount a vigorous defense if he so chooses. Common knowledge of drunk driving statutes in New York would be good information to acquire before deciding whether to negotiate a plea deal or fight the charges. No driver should have a livelihood ruined because of a crime they believe they did not commit.

Source: The Ossining Daily Voice, Ossining Man Arrested On DWI Charge In Cortlandt, Joe Jenkins, Nov. 6, 2013

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