New York mayor subject to DWI charge

It is likely every New York mayor's worst nightmare to be charged with a DWI. Having a criminal record of any kind can clearly cause issues around re-election time, but especially the charge of a DWI. One mayor is likely going through such duress after he was arrested on suspicion of DWI in addition to other crimes recently.

A car accident happened in the New York town where the man acted as mayor. The public official reportedly showed up to the scene of the accident to see what had happened, when a volunteer firefighter suggested the mayor was drunk. Police were then notified, and the mayor reportedly refused a breathalyzer test and was arrested on the scene for DWI.

According to police, the mayor broke a clock in the police department, which lead him to receiving a charge of criminal mischief. In order to keep such a prominent figure of society safe, they kept the mayor handcuffed to a chair during his duration at the police department. He was eventually released on a $2,500 bail. Friday is apparently the mayor's next court date where they will decide if he is in fact guilty of the supposed DWI.

This individual is clearly a very important part of his New York community, but having any charges of DWI will severely change the way people look at him. The mayor will could have to pay extreme fines and could possibly do jail time in addition to community service, but his reputation could unfortunately prove to take the largest hit. His case proves that even prominent figures are subject to jail time, and of those accused could benefit tremendously from being aware of the statutes in New York regarding DWI charges.

Source: CBS New York, Monticello Mayor Arrested On DWI Charge, No Author, Nov. 17, 2013

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