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New York pedestrian killed, woman charged with DWI

Contrary to what some New York residents may believe, it can be entirely possible to hit a person with a vehicle and leave the scene without knowing. There are many objects in the road that should not be there, such as tires, wooden boards and other random objects not suitable for roadways. A woman has just been arrested for hitting something in the roadway -- a person. In addition to being charged with leaving the scene after she allegedly hit someone, she is being charged with a DWI for reportedly failing a sobriety test.

New York man arrested for DWI while sleeping in his parked car

When a person imagines getting charged with a DWI, there may be different scenarios that can come to mind. There are endless possibilities on any New York roadway that a person can be charged with the crime, but many may never think a DWI can be the result of sitting in a parked vehicle. This has just been the case for a 39-year-old man who was arrested for simply sitting in his parked vehicle -- allegedly drunk.

New York man allegedly DWI faces vehicular manslaughter.

It is no surprise to the residents of New York that DWI can have it's consequences. The only thing that can make a DWI charge worse is when a fatal car accident happens. When someone is accused of DWI and a fatality occurs, the charges can escalate to vehicular manslaughter. A New York man has been charged of just that this past week, and he may benefit from being fully aware of his rights and circumstances surrounding the case.

New York father and daughter arrested for DWI on the same day

Many arrested on the streets of New York may call their parents or another family member to come get them out of jail. If someone is arrested for a DWI, they will likely be held in jail until someone sober can retrieve them. For one father, his attempt to pick up his daughter after she was charged with a DWI ended with him facing a similar DWI charge.

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