New York father and daughter arrested for DWI on the same day

Many arrested on the streets of New York may call their parents or another family member to come get them out of jail. If someone is arrested for a DWI, they will likely be held in jail until someone sober can retrieve them. For one father, his attempt to pick up his daughter after she was charged with a DWI ended with him facing a similar DWI charge.

The man's 36-year-old daughter was arrested on an apparent DWI charge. Police apparently arrested her as the result of her blood alcohol content being above the legal limit for driving -- .11 percent. She was then taken to the city's jail where she was told she would be released not long after her arrival.

When her father got word of his daughter being arrested for a DWI, he stopped by the police department to pick her up. Police say the man appeared to be intoxicated, and a blood-alcohol test allegedly proved it, resulting in a .19 percent alcohol level. He was then arrested and charged with a similar DWI charge as his daughter faced.

Both father and daughter were released not long after their arrests. They were able to call sober friends or family members to assist in getting them home, but not without penalty. Both of them face DWI charges now, a charge that can soil one's record in the event a conviction is obtained.

Considering the circumstances surrounding this New York case, they may be able to dispute these charges, or if they are found guilty -- appeal. DWI statutes vary by state, but with enough knowledge concerning the circumstances and law, accused individuals may be able to reach a positive outcome. Those who feel they are wrongfully accused should not have to face charges for something they may not have done in the first place.

Source: New York News, Cops: Drunk man tried to pick up daughter after DWI arrest, Luke Funk, Nov. 22, 2013

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