New York man allegedly DWI faces vehicular manslaughter.

It is no surprise to the residents of New York that DWI can have it's consequences. The only thing that can make a DWI charge worse is when a fatal car accident happens. When someone is accused of DWI and a fatality occurs, the charges can escalate to vehicular manslaughter. A New York man has been charged of just that this past week, and he may benefit from being fully aware of his rights and circumstances surrounding the case.

The fatal car accident happened in a residential area of a New York city. The apparent drunk driver was traveling southbound before driving through an intersection. In that intersection, there was a 38-year-old man driving a vehicle of his own, and reports say the alleged drunk driver hit him. Reports also state that one of the vehicles ended up in a resident's lawn as a result of the collision.

The 38-year-old man reportedly suffered catastrophic injuries. He was taken to a hospital but unfortunately died there. The driver of the vehicle who apparently hit him also suffered injuries, thankfully none life-threatening.

Although it is unknown when and where the driver was tested for alcohol, he was arrested on the charges of DWI in addition to vehicular manslaughter. Being charged with a DWI can already have serious consequences, but, when someone is blamed and found guilty of vehicular homicide, it goes from a bad to worse case scenario. Years of one's life can waste in a New York prison, but there may be hope for some. The chances of being convicted of a crime may greatly be reduced if a person knows the rights they have and can present any evidence that could possibly give doubt to said person's involvement.

Source:, Howard Beach accident leaves 1 dead; 1 arrested, No Author, Nov. 30, 2013

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