New York man arrested for DWI while sleeping in his parked car

When a person imagines getting charged with a DWI, there may be different scenarios that can come to mind. There are endless possibilities on any New York roadway that a person can be charged with the crime, but many may never think a DWI can be the result of sitting in a parked vehicle. This has just been the case for a 39-year-old man who was arrested for simply sitting in his parked vehicle -- allegedly drunk.

Many people who drive their vehicles for long hours may experience feelings of tiredness. It is always recommended to pull over to achieve a bit of sleep, at least until the drowsiness surpasses. The man did just that, and was ultimately arrested for a DWI.

Police claim the man parked his vehicle outside of a New York police station in an attempt to get in a quick nap. Unfortunately for the man, he did so with his engine still running. Police officers reportedly went to check on the man to see if they could offer some assistance and found him to be asleep. They say when they looked into the vehicle, the man smelled of alcohol.

A blood-alcohol test was given to the man, reporting that he had allegedly been twice over the legal intoxication level for driving: 0.08 percent. He was arrested on the spot and now awaits his trial to face the charges of driving while intoxicated. He will find out if a judge finds him innocent or guilty just two days before Christmas.

While each DWI is strictly based off of circumstantial evidence, the punishments may be similar. Large fines and possible license revocation may be a daunting possibility for this New York man. As the result of the circumstances surrounding his arrest, it may be beneficial for him to educate himself on all facets of the New York laws surrounding DWI charges.

Source:, NY man accused of DWI parked at police station, No Author, Dec. 11, 2013

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