New York pedestrian killed, woman charged with DWI

Contrary to what some New York residents may believe, it can be entirely possible to hit a person with a vehicle and leave the scene without knowing. There are many objects in the road that should not be there, such as tires, wooden boards and other random objects not suitable for roadways. A woman has just been arrested for hitting something in the roadway -- a person. In addition to being charged with leaving the scene after she allegedly hit someone, she is being charged with a DWI for reportedly failing a sobriety test.

New York police officers attended to the scene of an accident where a pedestrian was found dead. Reports claim the woman had been hit by a vehicle, and the vehicle's driver left the scene of the collision. Apparently the license plate of the driver who allegedly hit the pedestrian was found by police at the scene of the accident.

After finding the license plate, the police officers went to the owner's home for questioning. Upon their investigation, they found certain damage to the woman's vehicle which made the police believe she hit the pedestrian. The woman acknowledged that she did hit something, but made it very clear she in no way believed it to be a person.

In addition to the accusation that the woman hit the pedestrian, she was tested for alcohol and allegedly found to be drunk. Reports say the woman failed sobriety tests and smelled of alcohol. Although it is unknown if she drank before she hit the woman or as soon as she got home, she was still charged with a DWI.

What would have been a normal DWI charge has now became complicated after the New York pedestrian was allegedly killed by the woman. There are many circumstances such as the time the woman drank alcohol that she may want to consider further investigation into. Charges such as this should be handled with care and accuracy in an attempt to ensure the woman only pays responsibility for what, if anything, she actually did that violated any laws.

Source:, Liverpool woman charged in fatal hit-and-run crash: 'I didn't know I hit a person', Jon Harris, Dec. 13, 2013

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