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Man charged with drunk driving near New York World Trade Center

A normal day of drinking with some coworkers or friends can easily turn into a nightmarish event if the person decides to drink and drive. This is because alcohol can skew a person's judgment and coordination skills, meaning that he or she poses a danger on the road. Getting caught while driving under the influence, even just once, can also have long-term legal consequences if the person ends up being convicted. Still, anyone facing drunk driving charges can rightfully defend themselves, as he or she remains innocent before a New York criminal court unless and until proved guilty.

New York mother charged with DWI and child endangerment

A New York mother has found herself in serious turmoil after allegedly driving and hitting a man who was walking with his young son. In addition to her allegedly hitting the two, she was said to have had her young child in the vehicle with her. She is not only facing charges for hitting the pedestrians, but she is facing DWI charges for allegedly being drunk while doing so.

New York man crashed car and received DWI charge

Being involved in a car crash and found at fault can have negative repercussions for any New York resident. Moreover, being accused of a DWI simultaneously can quickly make matters worse. A conviction for driving while intoxicated can result in fines, suspension or revocation of a driver's license and even time in jail. For that reason alone, an accused individual must necessarily focus on the specifics of the pending charges as compared to the evidence that prosecutors intend to use in court.

New York mother accused of DWI after crashing vehicle with kids

Anytime a New York resident thinks of someone getting a DWI, it may often be assumed that the person accused got caught after a night of fun and partying. Many people leave night clubs and bars intoxicated, but one may never imagine getting accused of driving drunk with children in the vehicle. One mother is now facing DWI charges for doing just that, after police say her children suffered head injuries as the result of getting in a car accident while she was behind the wheel -- purportedly while drunk.

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