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New York woman arrested for driving while intoxicated

The news is often blotted with faces of drunk driving victims who lost loved ones in tragic accidents. However, the arrest of individuals who were driving while intoxicated are not always the result of an accident, sometimes they happen without injury to anyone. In New York, regardless of the details involved, a drunk driving charge can hinder cause more than a blot on someone's life -- both professionally and personally.

DWI felony charges leveled against New York woman

When a New York citizen is charged and convicted of a DWI, they may often face judgment from others. Committing the act of driving under the influence can cause people to have a negative perception of the person because it may mean they used bad judgment that could have been potentially dangerous to others. In addition to the negative stereotypes one may face, if another similar incident happens, more serious legal repercussions could be the result. A New York woman knows all too well what can follow a previous DWI conviction.

2 New York men refused a Breathalyzer test, licenses revoked

Many different circumstances can happen in the state of New York when one is accused of driving under the influence, but what happens if someone refused a Breathalyzer test? If a standard field sobriety test is given and the person fails it, a Breathalyzer is typically used to determine whether or not the person was driving intoxicated. In addition to a breath test, a blood test may be given to determine sobriety. If these tests are failed by the accused, there are different penalties one will likely encounter -- depending on the severity of intoxication. Of all the possible scenarios, citizens may find that the harshest outcome may follow someone who refused a Breathalyzer test entirely.

New York police officer faces DWI charges

Many residents of New York can get a DWI and have no negative repercussions from an employer. Depending on what type of job one does, it can almost be non-existent in an employer's eyes. Although many may be able to continue their normal working lives, others can face serious repercussions from their employers. An off duty police officer has just been arrested and charged with DWI and he knows all too well the negative repercussions that may follow.

Man accused of driving while intoxicated in New York

Alcohol consumption is well known for its ability to lower a person's inhibitions. Sometimes, those inhibitions are lowered to the point that a driver feels somewhat invincible. However, if he or she feels invincible enough to drive in heavy traffic, the results could be deadly and the driver could face serious legal consequences. Thankfully though, in the United States, an accusation does not equate to guilt. Even when a New Yorker is accused of driving while intoxicated, he or she remains innocent unless prosecutors can prove his or her guilt in a court of law.

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