New York police officer faces DWI charges

Many residents of New York can get a DWI and have no negative repercussions from an employer. Depending on what type of job one does, it can almost be non-existent in an employer's eyes. Although many may be able to continue their normal working lives, others can face serious repercussions from their employers. An off duty police officer has just been arrested and charged with DWI and he knows all too well the negative repercussions that may follow.

The New York police officer, who was said to have been off duty at the time, allegedly crashed into another vehicle. This crash could prove to be a very bad problem for the police officer. Although no injuries were suffered in the accident, the police officer still faces serious legal repercussions.

After crashing into the other vehicle, the officer was charged with driving while intoxicated. Although it is unknown just what the outcome will be, the police officer will likely face serious consequences. Police officers have a different standard of living that they must uphold, and a charge such as this could possibly be very damaging to his career.

Police officers are known to serve and protect the people of New York; therefore, to be charged with such an offense is not a good thing. After the police officer evaluates the situation, he may realize that he cannot handle the legalities alone and that he could benefit from seeking legal assistance. When facing DWI charges, qualified legal help can possibly make a difference in the penalties received.

Source: CBS New York, Off-Duty NYPD Officer Charged With DWI In Queens, No Author, Feb. 3, 2014

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