New York woman arrested for driving while intoxicated

The news is often blotted with faces of drunk driving victims who lost loved ones in tragic accidents. However, the arrest of individuals who were driving while intoxicated are not always the result of an accident, sometimes they happen without injury to anyone. In New York, regardless of the details involved, a drunk driving charge can hinder cause more than a blot on someone's life -- both professionally and personally.

In Boston, police were called to a local library, to assist a woman's search for her children. Reports indicate that the woman was unable to locate her children at home that afternoon. She drove to the library in hopes that she might find them there. When authorities arrived, the woman had already left the library. As she did so, she allegedly struck the building with her vehicle.

While answering questions regarding her search for her children, police concluded she was intoxicated. The officers drove the mother back to her home to look for her children where she received a message that the children were over at their neighbor's house. After confirming the children's location and ensuring their safety, police arrested the woman for DWI, refusing a Breathalyzer and speeding.

While no one was injured in this case, a drunk driving charge can still carry a heavy burden. Depending on the severity of the case, individuals could face the loss of their driver's license, making it more difficult to commute to work or school, but it also could affect the family dynamic if custody is involved. For New York residents facing similar charges for driving while intoxicated, it may be beneficial to explore all of the options available to achieve the best outcome possible with regard to the charges.

Source:, Boston Woman Searching For Kids Charged With DWI, No author, Feb. 26, 2014

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