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Alleged drunk driving stepfather charged after step child died

Although law enforcement personnel in New York constantly campaign to create awareness of the dangers of driving a vehicle while impaired, there are nonetheless daily reports of lives lost as the result of DWI. While adults can choose not to get into a vehicle when the driver is intoxicated, children do not usually have that choice. Unfortunately, the amount number of juvenile injuries and fatalities resulting from drunk driving accidents is a tragic statistic.

David Cassidy's New York DWI charge lowered

Readers of this blog may be aware of how many DWI charges happen daily on New York roadways. In fact, so many happen that a person may receive multiple DWI charges throughout his or her life. When multiple DWI charges occur, the punishment will likely become more severe over time. Punishments for such charges may result in numerous inconveniences, but there may be hope for some looking to avoid the added punishments as a result of multiple DWI charges.

New York fireman on $200,000 bail after alleged DWI

Any New York resident may find it hard to believe that someone who has vowed to protect them could be charged with a DWI. The men and women of New York who put their lives on the line daily do so to protect the people, so it is no wonder why it is unfathomable to hear of such a person being charged with a crime. An off-duty firefighter has just been charged with a DWI after he allegedly hit two women with his vehicle.

New York mother looking for her kids refused a Breathalyzer test

Many New York parents may have faced the quick scare of losing a child for a split second. Children can run off in an instant, no matter how attentive the parents are. Thankfully, many of the children are found after just a short time of parents searching. One mother, however, has found herself in legal trouble after allegedly searching for her children. The end result was a DWI charge after she allegedly refused a Breathalyzer test.

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