David Cassidy's New York DWI charge lowered

Readers of this blog may be aware of how many DWI charges happen daily on New York roadways. In fact, so many happen that a person may receive multiple DWI charges throughout his or her life. When multiple DWI charges occur, the punishment will likely become more severe over time. Punishments for such charges may result in numerous inconveniences, but there may be hope for some looking to avoid the added punishments as a result of multiple DWI charges.

The singer and actor David Cassidy is likely aware of the benefits of avoiding more severe punishments following subsequent DWI charges. Cassidy was recently pulled over and accused of driving under the influence of alcohol. At the time of his run-in with the law, authorities took steps to ensure that what would have been a misdemeanor charge without prior convictions became a felony under New York law.

Cassidy has had one DWI conviction and one DWI charge in other states, previous to this charge. As a result of the previous conviction, the charge was considered to be a felony DWI. Recent court negotiations have since reduced the charge from a felony DWI to a misdemeanor DWI. This will likely benefit Cassidy in more ways than one.

There can be multiple reasons why one could receive a DWI in the state of New York, and it is important to know whether the charge would even stand in a courtroom. It may be wise to question any DWI charges if one feels they are charged unjustly. Each accused individual has the right to research the applicable laws as they decide the best way to proceed based upon the facts of a particular case.

Source: Syracuse, David Cassidy's DWI charge in upstate New York reduced to misdemeanor, No author, March. 4, 2014

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