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New York man charged with DWI after allegedly switching seats

Readers of this New York blog are likely highly aware of the punishment that can follow a DWI conviction. In addition to losing a license, paying a hefty fine and possible jail time -- livelihood can be ruined. DWI charges are an unfortunate thing for anybody to face, and they should be handled with caution.

New York deputy mayor charged with DWI

There are many factors that can lead up to a DWI charge or arrest in New York. Many of these incidents may be a result of possible swerving on roadways or getting pulled over for something unrelated and authorities believing that a person appears to be intoxicated. What many may not think about is the fact that there could be other reasons one is arrested for a DWI. A deputy mayor from Rochester likely knows all too well that there is more than one reason a person can be arrested for DWI, and his rebuttal for the charge may not be what anyone imagined.

New York police officer arrested and charged with DWI.

When someone hears that a person was arrested on a DWI or suspicion of a DWI, the image that may come to mind is often different from the reality. Many assume that people who are accused of driving while intoxicated are irresponsible people who do nothing but party. This is not always the case, and one New York police officer may now be able to relate to the stigma of being accused of a DWI.

Suspended driver's license for Thomas Ravenel after DWI charge

The people of New York may believe that celebrities are more likely to get out of a DWI charge or a suspended driver's license rather than an average citizen. Headlines of celebrities getting out of serious legal issues and punishments may even anger some. Although the media may lead people to believe that it is easy for celebrities to get out of a suspended driver's license or other legal issues, it is often not always the reality.

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