New York deputy mayor charged with DWI

There are many factors that can lead up to a DWI charge or arrest in New York. Many of these incidents may be a result of possible swerving on roadways or getting pulled over for something unrelated and authorities believing that a person appears to be intoxicated. What many may not think about is the fact that there could be other reasons one is arrested for a DWI. A deputy mayor from Rochester likely knows all too well that there is more than one reason a person can be arrested for DWI, and his rebuttal for the charge may not be what anyone imagined.

The deputy mayor was pulled over by New York police recently. His charges were having an expired registration on his vehicle, in addition to speeding and DWI after reportedly failing a Breathalyzer test. He was ordered an upcoming court date to figure out what the punishment for these alleged crimes would be.

These charges are not only affecting his personal life, they may be affecting his career. Reports show that the deputy mayor attempted to resign his position following his DWI charge, although it the exact reasons for his attempted resignation are unknown. The same report shows that his resignation was denied and he returned to work just after that.

Despite this man's prominence as a New York public official, he is guaranteed the same right to be presumed innocent as any other accused individual. Reports indicate that he has raised the possibility of some of the diabetes medications he is now taking possibly marring the blood alcohol tests given to him. It remains to be seen how this DWI case will play out in court, but accused individuals like this deputy mayor have several legal options to obtain the most favorable outcome possible in their specific cases.

Source:, "Rochester Deputy Mayor's court case adjourned", , April 8, 2014

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