Suspended driver's license for Thomas Ravenel after DWI charge

The people of New York may believe that celebrities are more likely to get out of a DWI charge or a suspended driver's license rather than an average citizen. Headlines of celebrities getting out of serious legal issues and punishments may even anger some. Although the media may lead people to believe that it is easy for celebrities to get out of a suspended driver's license or other legal issues, it is often not always the reality.

A reality star and previous state treasurer knows all too well that, despite his social status, he still can face punishment. Thomas Ravenel was arrested this past July after being found to be driving under the influence of alcohol after blowing a 0.8 percent blood alcohol content. The misdemeanor charge left the man in jail, after which he was able to be bailed out after paying $650.

He eventually pleaded guilty to that charge and paid a fine of $1,400. Although he was arrested in the state of New York, he now additionally faces legal repercussions in another state. He had his driver's license suspended in New York and South Carolina for six months. After he gets his license reinstated, he has to drive with a device that detects alcohol by the breath. Should he blow at a certain level of intoxication, the car will lock.

In addition to the suspended driver's license, he will be required by law to attend a substance abuse class, among other legal repercussions. As if being immobile for six months isn't enough punishment, he will now have to pay hefty fees to make the situation right. Not everyone has a sufficient amount of money to cover such fines, which is why it can be of dire importance to fully research all applicable laws when facing such charges. Having a New York driver's license suspended can cost someone their livelihood.

Source: Post and Courier, "Thomas Ravenel will have S.C. license suspended for 6 months following DWI conviction in New York", Natalie Caula Hauff, March 28, 2014

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