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New York detective accused of drunk driving

Impaired driving is not an uncommon crime here in New York. The punishments associated with this infraction include fines, jail time and revocation or suspension of a driver's license. This means that anyone who is falsely accused of drunk driving may face some serious consequences that are undeserved. That may be the case for a local detective charged with driving drunk who proclaimed that he was innocent.

Soon to retire college athletic director facing New York DWI

When one is charged with a DWI, it can be potentially life-changing. It can have a negative impact on one's private life, as well as in a professional capacity. A college employee on the verge of retirement was recently charged with a DWI here in New York. Though he was no longer going to be officially working, this incident could leave a scar on an otherwise illustrious career.

New York man suspected of DWI refused a Breathalyzer test?

Being accused of a DWI can have a devastating impact on one’s life. The punishments associated with such a crime range from fines to potential incarceration. Some New York residents may have refused a Breathalyzer test in these types of situations, but the consequences of doing so can be even more dire. A man who was recently suspected of driving while intoxicated would not subject to any sobriety testing, which may determine punishment if he is found guilty.

Changing society yields more drunk driving arrests for women

A recent study found that since 2003, the number of female drivers arrested for driving under the influence as well as alcohol-related deaths significantly increased. The study, conducted by the FBI, took voluntary data from women arrested for drunk driving in three New York counties as well as specific counties in a couple of other states. One researcher studied this data, and she suggests that the increase could be due to the changing social norms for women.

Driver cited for traffic violations after side-swiping patrol car

When a New York State Trooper pulled a driver over along a New York highway for speeding recently, he probably did not expect to land in a hospital. Sitting in the patrol car, with flashing emergency lights, the trooper was writing out tickets for traffic violations. State police say that the vehicles of both the trooper and the detained motorist were on the shoulder.

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