New York detective accused of drunk driving

Impaired driving is not an uncommon crime here in New York. The punishments associated with this infraction include fines, jail time and revocation or suspension of a driver's license. This means that anyone who is falsely accused of drunk driving may face some serious consequences that are undeserved. That may be the case for a local detective charged with driving drunk who proclaimed that he was innocent.

The detective acknowledges that while driving through Brooklyn a few years ago, he fell asleep at a stop light. A group of police officers found him and woke him shortly thereafter. The detective claims that he passed sobriety tests and had no trouble communicating with the officers. No blood samples were taken nor were any Breathalyzer tests administered.

One officer claims that the detective was slouched in his seat when they approached the vehicle and that they had to use forceful measures to awaken him. This one officer's story is not corroborated by others who reported to the scene. Also, surveillance footage of the incident seems to back up the detective's claims that he was not impaired.

Anyone accused of drunk driving has the legal right to defend him- or herself in a court of law. Charges of drunk driving could have repercussions in not just one's personal life, but in one's professional life as well. Here in New York, the penalties that one may face due to accusations of impaired driving might affect future employment. Those who find themselves in a similar situation may want to take measures to ensure that their rights are honored.

Source: CBS New York, "NYPD Detective Claims He Was Falsely Arrested For Driving Drunk", , May 6, 2014

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