Man accused of DWI driving with child in vehicle

Charges related to drunk driving are serious enough on their own. Those who are accused of the crime can see their lives change in an instant, potentially affecting both their personal and professional spheres. When the possibility exists that an intoxicated driver might have endangered someone else’s life, the severity and amount of charges related to the incident can increase, meaning the possibility of a harsher punishment is higher. A New York man is now facing multiple charges relating to his DWI arrest that involved two passengers, one of whom was a child.

Local authorities say the incident occurred on a recent afternoon. The man in this case was stopped after an officer observed his driving behavior, who said the driver failed to maintain the lane he was in. The policeman suspected the driver was intoxicated, though there is no word on exactly how the officer arrived at that conclusion.

Police say that the man was not alone in the vehicle -- he was driving with a friend of his and that friend’s young son. Due to the fact that the boy was a minor, police added aggravated DWI with a child 15 years old or younger and endangering the welfare of a child to his other charges. There is no word on whether the man was taken to jail after his arrest or when he may be arraigned.

The man in this DWI case could be facing severe punishments such as a high fine or even incarceration due to the nature of the crimes of which he’s accused. Even so, he -- and others like him -- still have the right to defend themselves in a court of law. If he fully understands his rights and the options available to him within the New York court system, it is possible that it could lead to a reduction in charges or even a dismissal in certain cases. The charges need to be taken seriously in order for him to have the best chance at a favorable outcome.

Source: NBC New York, "Long Island Man Arrested for DWI With Child in Car: Cops", , June 16, 2014

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