New York man charged with DWI, may lose CDL

Semi-trucks are an everyday part of modern life. They are useful for moving goods into, outside of and all around the state of New York. Those who drive commercial vehicles are required to hold a valid commercial driver’s license, or CDL. If a driver is charged with driving while intoxicated, he or she risks losing that license. This may be the fate of one man who was recently charged with a DWI while operating a commercial vehicle.

The incident occurred on an interstate when the man was driving a tractor-trailer. Authorities say that the driver swerved off the highway and crashed on the side of the road. Police arrived on the scene and determined that there was reason to believe that the driver was impaired. He was transported to a nearby police station and administered a test to determine his blood alcohol level. He was determined to be over the legal limit for driving a commercial vehicle and police decided to press charges.

The truck driver has two charges against him, one relating to running off the road and the other for driving a commercial vehicle while under the influence. It is unclear why he allegedly ran off the road, but witness testimony taken at the scene may eventually offer insight. Luckily, the crash did not affect any other cars, nor was anyone injured.

Even with these charges against him, the driver of the semi-truck has every right to defend himself in court, just as anyone who might face charges like this would. Due to the fact that he was operating a commercial vehicle when the crash happened, it is possible that his CDL could be revoked if a conviction is obtained by prosecutors. Doing so could gravely affect his life -- he may no longer be able to work for his employer and be unable to provide for himself or his family. Charges like these need to be taken seriously to help this man -- or other New York residents who may face the same situation -- have the best chance for receiving as positive an outcome as possible under the circumstances.

Source:, "Brewerton man faces DWI charge after crashing tractor-trailer on Thruway in Madison County", Catie O'Toole, June 2, 2014

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