Police officer refused a Breathalyzer test in New York

Though police officers are the individuals expected to uphold the law, they can also have lapses in judgment. As a result, an officer could find himself facing charges for DWI if he is suspected of having been drinking and driving. If the individual also refused a Breathalyzer test, he could potentially face other consequences as well.

An officer in New York has recently found himself in a similar situation. According to reports, authorities responded to an accident at around 6 p.m. A 53-year-old homicide detective was allegedly one of the drivers involved in the accident. It was not noted what caused the responding officers to suspect that the detective was under the influence at the time of the incident.

The man reportedly declined to take a breath test, and he was taken into custody on DWI charges. Because the man was reportedly working with the police department for over 20 years, he will likely have extensive knowledge on how his situation may proceed. However, he may still wish to ensure that the situation is handled properly by the responding officers.

Because the man refused a Breathalyzer test, officers may have been unable to gauge his blood-alcohol level at the time of the event. Refusing to take a breath test can also, in some situations, result in certain penalties. As he goes forward with the New York criminal proceedings, the man may wish to ensure that he understands his situation fully and what avenues could offer the most agreeable outcomes for his circumstances.

Source: New York Daily News, "Cop arrested for drunk driving in Brooklyn refuses to take Breathalyzer test", Joseph Stepansky and Rocco Parascandola, May 29, 2014

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