New York man refused a Breathalyzer test at police department

When a person is accused of a DWI, the effects it can have on other aspects of his or her life may not be well-known. In addition to possible jail time or hefty fines, the defendant may have trouble securing eventual employment. The future of one New York man remains uncertain,after he was recently arrested for a DWI. The police say that he refused a Breathalyzer test.

Authorities report that the man in this story arrived at a police station to pick up another person who was being released from custody. The charge that the other person was accused of is unrelated to this incident. When police were interviewing the man, they grew suspicious that he might be intoxicated. They claim that he smelled of alcohol and was displaying other physical signs of inebriation.

After police gave him several field sobriety tests -- which he, apparently, failed -- they arrested the man for driving while intoxicated. Police also claim that he declined to take a breath test, which is one method used to determine a person’s blood alcohol content. Authorities have also disclosed that this is the second time the man has faced DWI charges within 10 years.

No matter what evidence prosecutors might bring forth in court, it is important to note that this man is presumed innocent until and unless proven guilty. He has every right to a fair trial, during which he can contest the charges pending against him. Here in New York, the fact that he refused a Breathalyzer test might mean that he had his driver’s license revoked. All of this means that he, or anyone else in his situation, will need to prepare their defense carefully to strive for the most advantageous result possible under the circumstances.

Source:, "Kendall man arrested for DWI at police station", , July 22, 2014

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