Revoked driver's license in New York may due to different reasons

There are many reasons that a motorist might lose his or her driving privileges. Those reasons are typically tied to convictions based upon certain driving infractions. A person who is accused of driving on a suspended or revoked driver's license could face additional charges, depending on the circumstances unique to his or her personal situation. New York prosecutors consider these offenses very seriously and a motorist could face a violation, misdemeanor or felony charge. Penalties for a conviction cover a range of possible punishments, including incarceration.

There may be times when a motorist neglects to handle his or her case in the most advantageous way. Some do not answer to summonses, fail to remember a court date or neglect to pay a fine. A warrant could be issued in any of these instances, leading to a person having his or her license revoked or suspended. Some people lose their license after being charged with a DWI, failing to report an accident or other offenses. Karen Friedman has a great deal of experience with these types of cases.

After determining the root of a person’s particular problem, a motorist’s driving abstract will be generated. Contacting the relevant authorities -- such as the Traffic Violations Bureau or the Department of Motor Vehicles -- will be the beginning of a potential resolution to the person’s situation. Karen Friedman and her team are dedicated to their clients and strive for efficiency and accuracy in all cases.

A person who is convicted of driving on a suspended or [url=‘:311vsocn]revoked driver's license[/url:311vsocn] could have to pay a fine, see his or her insurance rates rise, serve time in prison and/or face other punishments. Anyone facing these types of charges here in New York has every right to defend him- or herself against the accusations. In all cases, innocence is presumed until and unless a person is proved guilty in court. Karen Friedman and her team can answer additional questions that you might have about this or other types of driving-related offenses.

Source: Karen A Friedman - New York Traffic Lawyer, "Driving With a Suspended License", , Aug. 30, 2014

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