DWI charges in New York over Labor Day stemmed from campaign

A few weeks ago, we discussed the efforts of police to crack down on impaired driving over the course of the Labor Day Weekend ("New York State Police plan DWI enforcement for Labor Day", Aug. 19, 2014). The results of that campaign are now available, and they show that a great deal of DWI charges were filed against drivers. Those New York motorists who were charged likely realize that they need to consider the charges seriously, though they may not be aware of all of the potential ramifications.

The "Drive Sober or Get Pulled Over Campaign" not only included the holiday weekend, but the last couple of weeks of August. Overall, New York State Troopers wrote over 46,000 tickets for various offenses, including drunk driving. A total of 663 people were charged with a DWI. Seventy-one of those were arrested at sobriety checkpoints that assessed around 19,000 drivers.

Though finding intoxicated drivers was the primary objective, the authorities did not hesitate to charge drivers with other offenses. Other citations were issued for offenses like speeding, distracted driving and seat belt misuse. One checkpoint arrested five people for non-DWI offenses, such as possession of marijuana and violating parole.

Those who are charged with a DWI -- whether it is during a special campaign such as this one or not -- still maintain the right to defend themselves against the charges. New York motorists are presumed to be innocent unless and until proven guilty in a court of law. Still, it can be helpful for those accused to be aware of all of their options and rights when facing a situation such as this in order to focus on achieving a desirable outcome.

Source: auburnpub.com, "Troopers charge 663 people with DWI during campaign -- including five in Sennett", , Sept. 3, 2014

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