What the Traffic Violations Bureau is like in New York City

Every day, motorists receive traffic tickets for various reasons. Dealing with these can be difficult -- a driver who has too many risks having his or her license suspended or revoked, in addition to other potential punishments. Going to the Traffic Violations Bureau here in New York City can be intimidating, as most people do not have the legal knowledge available to properly defend themselves against the charges. Karen A. Friedman, Attorney at Law here has a wealth of experience dealing with these types of infractions and may be able to help you.

Contrary to what many people might assume, those accused of traffic violations will not be given the chance to "plea bargain" at the Bureau. This is because there are no prosecutors who will be representing the government's interests. Accused persons cannot even speak to police officers about the citation. The two options available are to plead guilty or to have the case tried. The latter choice can be difficult for those who do not have any legal experience and may be more likely to result in a verdict of guilty without proper representation. 

Karen A. Friedman has represented many clients at the Traffic Violations Bureau. She knows the common mistakes that are often made in this situation and what can be done to help facilitate the best possible outcome. Though the yellow ticket an accused person receives says to mail it in to the Department of Motor Vehicles, this may not be the best idea, and Karen can offer advice on the process that has the most potential for benefit.

Those who have further questions may find answers on our webpage about the Traffic Violations Bureau. More information about the Bureau is also available on the New York DMV website. New York City residents have the right to consider all available options when they receive a traffic ticket. The result can make a significant difference to a person's driving future.

Source: Karen A. Friedman, "New York City Traffic Court Attorney", , Sept. 28, 2014

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