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Breathalyzer issues affect accusations of alcohol-related offense

There are millions of drivers on New York roadways every day. Some may end up being charged with an alcohol-related offense. Such a charge could have serious implications on a person's life, including expulsion from school or the loss of job, regardless of whether the charge results in a conviction. However, some people are starting to question the accuracy and reliability of an important tool used to prosecute those accused of driving under the influence.

Buddy Valastro accused of drunk driving in New York

Anyone who has turned on the television has likely heard of the "Cake Boss." Buddy Valastro is known for the intricate cakes he makes on his hit television show for a variety of different functions. Unfortunately, his name is in the headlines for a completely different reason. New York police have now accused him of drunk driving.

2 men charged with DWI in odd New York accident

It seems to be human nature to want to watch another person's misfortune. For example, many people have encountered traffic congestion around a car accident -- congestion caused solely by people slowing to look at the damaged vehicles. Likewise, a police officer who has pulled over a vehicle is a powerful attraction that might be enough of a distraction in itself to cause an accident. In a similar situation in New York, one man is accused of DWI after striking the car of another man who had been pulled over by the authorities on suspicion of drunk driving,

New York man faces resisting arrest, drunk driving charges

Halloween is an interesting time of year in this country. Many people have strange tales about the events of the night when so many people, both children and adults, walk around in costume. Police in New York certainly have a strange tale after accusing one woman of drunk driving in an incident that allegedly resulted in what is described as a serious injury to a police officer caused by a shoe.

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